From Brothels to Luxury, Mapping 400 Years on One NYC Block

WALK DOWN GREENE Street in SoHo today and you’ll pass an Apple Store, a Ralph Lauren store, and a variety of other high-end retailers. A hundred forty years ago, you’d be walking by brothels. The street has been up and down (and up again) several times in its 400 year history, as a fascinating  new website illustrates with maps, graphics, and historical photos.

There’s a ton of data behind the flashy graphics, pulled from the US Census Bureau, city directories, and other sources. Economist William Easterly of New York University and colleagues made the site to accompany a research paperthey’re getting ready to submit to a journal. “It’s a very wonky paper full of academic jargon,” Easterly says. “This [website] is meant to make it more accessible.”

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