You Can Now Turn Any Google Map Into A Pac-Man Game

Have you ever looked at a Google Map and thought to yourself, “It would be flippin’ awesome if I could play Pac-Man on this street grid”? Probably not, because that is not something that occurs to most people. But it did occur to some folks at Google who have incorporated, perhaps temporarily, a button that lets you Pac-Man-ize your Google Map.

It’s really simple, just go to, pick an area in which you would like to play Pac-Man, then click the button on the bottom-left of the screen (next to the one that switches between graphical maps and satellite maps). 

Then you just play Pac-Man. 

The functionality does limit the size of the street map maze. So if you’re zoomed out too far, or zoomed in too close, the screen will automatically adjust to a level that works with the game.

Two employee-friendly (but not employer-friendly) notes: It seems to default to muted sound, so you won’t have to worry about everyone in your office hearing you. And the game quickly aborts with a press of the Esc key, so you can get out quickly if needed.

[via The Independent]