What do people think about your city?

Well, what do people think about your city? We were a bit surprised when we checked out some of the results. (Fargo is good? Bozeman, Montana is expensive?!)

So just to be clear, we went through and used Google to search up each city, and we used the phrase “Why is (City Name) So …”

This prompted Google’s Autocomplete engine (you know, the one that pops up the sometimes-silly recommendations for you when you are searching). When the autocomplete recommendations came up, we wrote them down, and the result is here!

The Most Common Google Searches for Each City

After taking in all the data, well, it looks a little sad for most places.  That being said, there was some interesting data:

Four cities were “Great”:

New York City, Denver, Boston, and Nashville

Four cities were “Boring”:

Charlotte, Louisville, Dallas-Forth Worth, and San Jose

And a few others had some pretty interesting ones:

Seattle is Loud

Portland is Weird

Chicago is Windy (Duh..)

and Atlanta is Gay

Sorry if we offended your city, but well, Google said so..

Hopefully you don’t live in one of the “Bad” cities:

Cleveland, Baltimore, Jacksonville, or Memphis

But then again, who trusts Google anyways?