Sydney to Dallas, Newark to Hong Kong and New York to Taipei: Fascinating map of the world's longest non-stop journeys

While many of us look forward to jetting off to far-flung destinations for an exotic holiday from time-to-time, the prospect of an uncomfortable long-haul flight to get there is rather less enticing.

Unless you can afford the luxury of first or business class travel, cramped seats, dubious-looking food and a sleepless night is just par for the course.

It was during his own 15-hour flight from Los Angeles to New Zealand that data scientist Seth Kadish began to wonder how many other non-stop long-haul flights there are.

Seth created this map showing long non-stop flights after he was inspired by his own 15-hour flight from the US to New Zealand

'I generate graphics for my blog on a wide array of topics. It's a creative outlet for me to do quick analyses on whatever I find interesting,' explains Seth, who is from Portland, Oregon.

'This particular map was inspired by a trip I had taken to New Zealand and Australia with my wife, searching for Hobbits and wombats. The flights were remarkably long, which got me wondering how much longer they really get.'

The 31-year-old used data from Wikipedia which he then double-checked with the individual airlines to compile the information for his map, before plotting the routes using geocoding. The top 20 has changed slightly since he created the map, as new routes have been introduced.

Seth discovered the longest non-stop flight is between Sydney and Dallas, and at 8,578 miles it takes an incredible 15 hours and 30 minutes.

At number two on Seth's list - distance-wise, at least - is the journey from Johannesburg to Atlanta which is 8,439 miles, although the flight takes almost 17 hours to complete, around an hour and a half longer than the journey from Sydney and Dallas despite the shorter distance.

Qantas' non-stop flight between Sydney and Dallas is the longest in the world; at 8,578 miles it takes 15 hours and 30 minutes

But the map did throw up a couple of other surprises.

Seth told MailOnline Travel in an email: 'Of the 20 flights mapped, 19 include a city in North America (17 in the US and two in Canada). None of the flights includes a European city.'

Seth's 15-hour flight is the longest he's been on, although a trip from the US to Russia had a longer flight path. 

'Non-stop flights are definitely gruelling,' he said. 'I think everyone feels a bit like a zombie after a long journey.'

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