Disney's Western-centric skew revealed by map of where popular animated movies are set

Ever wondered where your favourite animated movies are set? Well today’s your lucky day, as a Slovakian designer has mapped it all out for you in one cool, handy infographic.

Martin Vargic, known for his Map of the Internet and Map of Stereotypes projects on Halycon Maps, has pinned the 124 most popular films of the genre onto a world map, and the results are illuminating - click here for a big picture.

There is a notably heavy concentration of movies in Europe and North America, clearly showing how Western-centric cinema remains. Just four of the most popular animated films of all-time have been set in South America and one of those, Rio 2, is a sequel.

Only seven are based on African soil and most draw on common perceptions of the continent – The Lion KingMadagascarTarzan and The Wild for example.

Australasia also fares badly, with four films set down under, while Asia boasts a relatively small proportion for its size with eighteen, including MulanThe Jungle BookBig Hero 6Kung Fu Panda and Aladdin.

In stark contrast, at least 50 animated movies are set in North America and close to 40 in Europe. Disney Pixar has just eleven films based outside these two continents – scroll down for the full list.

Who voiced your favourite Disney characters?

Disney is making moves to address the skewed representation of countries in its films, with the first Latina princess, Elena of Avalor announced in January and another, Moana from Oceanarevealed last October.

Each location mapped was either explicitly stated or shown in the movies, such as in Madagascar, derived from evidence within them, as in Frozen and The Lion King, or taken from the original work in which the movie was based, as in Snow Whiteand Pinocchio.

Vargic researched the films in detail by reading fan theories and studying where various animal species are geographically distributed. He did not include movies set in radically different worlds such as Treasure Planet and Wreck-It Ralph.