15 Charts, Graphs, And Maps That Will Shape The Future Of Information

We are awash with data, and it keeps piling up: Some analysts estimate the amount of digital information in the world now doubles every two years. The growing tidal wave will require automation—a shift some have called the Industrial Revolution of data—to collect and analyze it all. But mountains of automated data won’t amount to much if we can’t understand it. Enter the emerging field of visualization.

Data visualization allows viewers to see the patterns in reams of numbers. It’s the craft of simplifying the complex. Done poorly, it confuses, misleads, or even lies. Done well, it elucidates—serving as a window into hidden relationships and trends. The most innovative visualizations come from areas rich with easily gathered information, and perhaps no spheres are more quantified than our selves, our cities, and our planet.

To honor that work, we chose 15 visualizations in these areas, selected from a field of 46 contenders. We hope these signal the direction of the new data age—that the revolution will be visualized.